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Hanger Whiteboard|Office Artifact for Unlimited Creativity

In today‘s society, the office environment is becoming more and more focused on comfort and health, and the requirements for office furniture are also getting higher and higher.

Under such demand,

High-quality magnetic whiteboard—“Hanger” came into being.
Our range of magnetic whiteboards is a high-quality, versatile solution that Suitable for a variety of educational, office and home environments.

We offer our customers three styles to suit different needs and space constraints.

Basic style

Frame made of one-piece die-cast aluminum and aluminum profiles with polished stainless steel finish for a sleek, sophisticated look.

The writing surface is made of ceramic steel imported from Belgium Polyvision, which has excellent durability and writing quality.
The sound-absorbing panel on the back is wrapped with fabric imported from Denmark Gabriel to ensure that your writing and presentation will not be disturbed by noise. You can also paste the required materials and items
The moving wheels consist of two moving wheels and two brake wheels, which are convenient for you to adjust the position and fix the whiteboard at any time. This whiteboard is available in two sizes.
Storage style

The storage type adds a cabinet design on the basis of the basic type, and there are two styles for you to choose from.

The two styles have different characteristics and can be selected according to your needs.

Wall hanging style

The wall-mounted model adopts the MFC frame with the same color and is equipped with five different styles and multiple combinations, which can meet different space needs and decoration styles.

Equipped with silver aluminum rails and silent pulley damping design, you can easily push and pull, and write more smoothly.
We‘ve partnered with Polyvision to bring you a magnetic writing set. These include one blue and one black Japanese poilot whiteboard pens, a magnetic whiteboard eraser and two replacement microfiber cloths as standard, which can meet your writing and erasing needs, while protecting the whiteboard surface and ensuring the durability.
The design of the whole series is simple and beautiful, and the service life is long, which can meet the user‘s requirements for high-quality whiteboards. It is an indispensable helper for you no matter in teaching, business, office and other occasions.
The writing surfaces of our products are all made of high-quality Belgian Polyvision imported ceramic steel, which is unique in the market. It is resistant to chemicals, scratches, bacterial, fire, graffiti, dirt and easy to clean.
Compared with conventional whiteboards, our products have no ghosting, low reflection, can be used as projection screens, color will not fade, the ceramicsteel surface can be multi-functional for writing and magnetable, low installation cost, and long service life.
Three-layer structure, the surface is ceramic steel, the base material is waterproof medium-density board, and the bottom layer is galvanized steel.

Compared with conventional whiteboard paint, the service life of conventional whiteboard paint is only 3 months to half a year, with low durability, the traces are difficult to remove, daily maintenance is required, and the volatile paint smell is pungent and long-lasting.

Our products have a ten-year warranty as a whole, can be reused, will not leave traces, do not require additional maintenance, are environmentally friendly, and have no peculiar smell.
Rich and charming colors, vivid visual experience created by color mixing.

The washable temperature is as high as 74 degrees, which has a certain bactericidal effect.

Free of heavy metals.

It has the international textile eco-label and complies with the standards of the Mobelfakta system.

Has environmental certification
High-quality casters, PU edging and mute system can easily eliminate noise. It is more flexible than conventional casters and has a higher load-bearing capacity.

The multi-function brake makes the actual use more convenient. It has BIFMA and EN dual certificates.
When you choose to use our products, you are not only pursuing practicality and functionality, but also creating an artistic experience.

Every product brought by lightspace is composed of the designer‘s focal design and artistic creativity, and every detail are unique and down aesthetic value.

Each style of the Hanger series adopts exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials, which not only meet your actual needs, but also make your office environment more beautiful and elegant. We believe that it can bring more inspiration and creativity, and stimulate your work enthusiasm and creativity.
Breaking the tradition and releasing unlimited creativity, the magnetic whiteboard brings you a new creative space. Like the pen and paper of a contract, it is the carrier of every thought, precipitation and display. With the magnetic whiteboard, you can also find your own creative space while writing down every word and drawing every picture.

In this fast-paced era, time is becoming more and more precious. At this time, we need some useful tools to allow us to complete our work more efficiently. Whether it is meeting discussions, teaching presentations or creative brainstorming, magnetic whiteboards are your indispensable helpers.
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