The beginning of all inspiration...
Kathrin Woerle,a master of operation, once said, “The brand is your face, and if you want people to remember you, you should use your two hands which are like the mascot to hold others tight, create feelings between you and other people, and establish relationships with other people.” Therefore, the original intention of our design is to create a brand mascot through product design and advertise brand culture with the mascot. We invited the Italian design team “Favaretto & Partners” who has many years of design experience to create the mascot for us.
Favaretto & Partners is a professional design studio, originating in 1973, focusing on product design, architectural design, interior design, engineering projects, modeling, design consulting, etc., and dedicating to providing a wide range of design resources for global enterprises. It has won more than 100 international awards, such as reddot, Gooddesign, IF, etc.
Inspiration of Design
Twelve Chinese zodiac signs is a traditional Chinese folk culture. The pig is lucky to be the last Chinese zodiac, so it is considered to be a symbol of blessing loved by people, representing kindness, simpleness and honesty as well as loveliness. Therefore, among nearly a hundred proposals, we finally chose to use “pig“ as the bionic design object.
Description of Design
People are the creators, designers, and at the same time, users of the furniture, so the key of this project design is to realize an emotional connection between furniture and people. “Form” is an important factor on research in the emotional design. The form which underwent emotional design will give users a very intimate feeling, thus establishing a bridge for communication between the user and the item. Combining the traditional Chinese zodiac culture, the designer endowed the “pig” with a vivid, lively and interesting form to arouse people‘s happy memories and people‘s love for life.
The biggest challenge in the process of developing the project was grasping the proportion of the product. The image of animal has vitality in itself, so local scale will make a huge change in the entire image. Therefore, it takes a lot of work to choose an optimal size.
The main function of the “pig“ is to sit, but at the same time it is also a multi-functional furniture.
After removing the upper part of it, it can be used as a coffee table, and after removing the coffee table plate, the lower part can be used as a small storage box reserving small objects and magazines.
Description of Material
The inside adopts the material of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic as the material for the main structural) which enjoys the advantages of light weight, high quality, corrosion resistance, favorable thermal properties and plasticity. Through the opening mold technology, the accuracy of the appearance of the product can be ensured and the timeliness of production can be improved. The outside uses the top cashmere fabric of the British Camira brand which possesses extremely strong texture. Based on the simple and interesting appearance design and a multi-color interpretation, the “Pig” can be perfectly applied to a variety of styles and be blended into various scenes.
History of Research and Development
Started to design by the Art Director in Milan in May, 2013.
Achieved mass production in China in February, 2014.
First appeared in Guangzhou CIFF in March, 2014, and won the Silver Medal in product design..
Won the “2014 Successful Design Award” in October, 2014.
Won the German Red Dot Special Honor Award in June in 2015.
Appeared in the Office Theme Museum of Shanghai Furniture Exposition in 2015 and received wide appreciation.
Broke through the design in 2016 to use full FRP material to expand its range of use.
Innovated design in 2017 to use modern building materials: tiles and mosaics; subverted the producing method of traditional furniture.
Extended design in 2018 based on the original shape to apply to all kinds of office and daily necessities, such as clips, bookends, paperweights, mobile phone holders, dolls, etc.
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